Wooden Little 54-inch Longbow 20/25/30 lbs draw weight

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* Bow length: 54 inches (with string on)
* Bow length: 55 inches (without string)
* Brace height: 7.5 inches
* Bowstring length: 50 inches
* Safe draw length: 22 inches
* Draw weight 20/25/30 LBS
* Traditional laminated wooden bow.

Right hand bow (The hunters use the right hand to pull the bowstring)
Material: Black glass fiber, the riser made of beech, black walnut, willow, sanders
The string on the bow is made of polyester.
Durable lightweight archery longbow, one piece laminated bow. It is suitable for shooting hunting targeting and practice.

Designed for right hand hunters. (The hunters use the right hand to pull the bowstring)
100% pure handmade, quality tested.
Simple and luxurious design with high performance.
It has good performance, low hand shock with good speed.
Sleek handle and limb design reduces hand shock after the shot.
Perfect for long distance shooting hunting targeting.
Good choice for both professionals and beginners during hunting and targeting practice.
It allows for great comfort, stability and more precise shooting with excellent arrow speed.
Pure handmade wooden bows by craftsmen who devotes to bow and arrows more than 20 years, traditional bows have a long history in China.

Package includes:
1 longbow with bowstring

More Information
Brand TopArchery
Color Wood
Material Wood
Shipping Time 30-45 business days
Free Shipping Yes
Dexterity Right Hand
Bow Length 54 inches
Bow String Length N/A
Brace Height 7.5 inches
Draw Length 22 inches
Draw Weight 20/25/30 (lbs)
Bow Riser Length N/A
Condition New
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