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Traditional Chinese Archery

For millennia, archery has been an important role in Chinese society. Archery was one of the Six Noble Arts of the Zhou dynasty (1146–256 BCE); archery skill was a virtue for Chinese emperors; even Confucius was an archery teacher; and Lie Zi (a Daoist philosopher) was an avid archer. The improvement of firearms and other circumstances of 20th century China led to the demise of archery. However, from the beginning of the 21st century, there has been revival in interest among craftsmen and archery fans looking to construct bows and arrows, as well as practice technique in the traditional Chinese style.

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In the long history times, Chinese people used archery for hunting, sport, rituals, examinations, and warfare.

Modern Chinese AcheryModern ArcheryTopArchery Shooting

Many variations in archery technique evolved throughout Chinese history. There were a variety of historical bow types. Some of the major design categories for Chinese bows are Scythian-style horn bows, Longbows (self bows), Wood laminated bows, Long-siyah horn bows, Ming dynasty horn bows, Qing dynasty horn bows and etc. To protect hands and arms, the archers often required thumb protection in the form of a ring or leather guard.

TopArchery Story

Our domestic brand is HuWaiRen in China. We are committed to provide outdoor products.

In the year of 2013, we started e-commerce online business and our global brand names are TopArchery and HuntingDoor. TopArchery is our main brand name and HuntingDoor is the brand name of our arrow products.
We started selling  our outdoor sport equipments on eBay, amazon and AliExpress. We ship our products internationally and reach buyers worldwide. Welcome to browse our eBay store TopArchery, eBay store HuntingDoor, amazon store TopArchery, amazon store HuntingDoor,
We also sell on domestic e-commerce marketing places of TaoBao.com, JD.com and 1688.com as well in China.

In the year of 2014, our company registration name was officially changed to Zhengzhou IRQ Trading Co.,Ltd. The reference number on official website http://ha.gsxt.gov.cn is 914101033964291288.

In the year of 2018, we started our own website, the archery online stores https://www.toparcheryshop.com, which is for retail. And another website is https://www.toparchery.shop, which is for wholesale.

Due to tremendous growth in the industry, we relocated into a tall building in downtown of Zhengzhou. Now we are located on Xinghua Street, which is in the center of zhengzhou and it is quite easy to access.

Today, we are a team with more than 50 team members. We have manufacturers who make goods for us in our factories. Our warehouse is located in the same city of Zhengzhou, where we ship out merchandises sold online internationally.


Today TopArchery is the biggest and best archery supplier in Henan Province, China. That is not we are satisfied with. Our goal is to be the best archery supplier all over the world. We are still improving on products and customer service every day. Our coworking space offers our team members a good office environment to support and realize our archery goals. We also updated our modern office furniture, computer hardwares and softwares. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with quality products and excellent customer service.

Our Team

We have a great archery team, who are your archery experts. They answer visitor's sales inquiries, give buyers' suggestions, take customer's orders, pack and ship orders. They are fanatical about customer service and your order will be treated greatly. Just contact us for any question. We are always here to support you!

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We are always here for you quotes. Contact us for any information or opinions at service@TopArcheryShop.com.

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