7.8-mm 31-inch Spine 600-650 Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Screw-In Arrows

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* Arrow Length: 31.91 inches (81 cm)
* Diameter: 7.8-7.9 mm
* Spine: 600-650
* Single arrow weight: 36 g
* Vane Length: 3 inches
* Color: Orange-Yellow vanes and Black shaft

High quality fiberglass standard target practice arrows for recurve, compound, or long bows

Colored plastic fletching & nock
Rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel bullet tip
Perfect for beginners' target practice
Nocked, fletched, tipped and ready to shoot
For draw weight of 35-65 pounds bows
Extraordinary durability for extended use

Package includes:
fletched arrows

Comment about this arrow from our buyer:

They are fiberglass and come complete with a removable, screw in practice point. The nocks are aligned so that the odd colored plastic vane is at 90 degrees to the bow string when the arrow is nocked, which is the correct orientation for recurve bow shooting. The nocks are tight, but they are not glued in and can be twisted, or removed, to any orientation that you desire. When I received these arrows the nocks were too tight for my string so I just lightly heated the nocks and spread them just enough so that they hung on my bowstring until I lightly tapped the string and that tapping was enough to dislodge the arrow. The nocks can also be sanded with a folded piece of sandpaper, I usually use 120 grain but whatever is available will work. The insert appears to be aluminum and is solidly glued into the shaft of the arrow.

The arrows are well built, though not perfect, nothing ever is, the finish of the shafts is not absolutely smooth like say a carbon arrow, they feel like a tiny thread has been tightly spiraled down the shaft, but it's good enough and out of the 60 arrows that I got from Huntingdoor 7 were not quite straight. I was able to easily straighten them using the gentle heat from a hair blower and gently flexing the arrows in the opposite direction of the bend. For the money paid, $30 per dozen, they just can't be beat! The vendor that I bought them from, Huntingdoor, is in China and presumably that's where these arrows are made and because of that these may take some time to get to you, mine took a month and 5 days and a month and 2 days.

More Information
Brand TopArchery
Shipping Time 5-15 business days
Free Shipping Yes
Color Black, Orange, Yellow
Material Fiberglass
Diameter 7.8-7.9 mm
Spine 650
Arrow Length 31.91 inches (81 cm)
Fletching Type Vanes
Archery Type Target
For Bow Type Compound Bow, Recurve Bow
Condition New
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