Handmade Traditional Recurve Mongolian Horsebow Hunting Bow 30/35/40/45/50 lbs

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* Draw weight: 30/35/40/45/50 LBS
* Weight: Approx 700g
* Maximum Draw Length: 80cm (31 inches)
* Bow Body Length: 130cm (51 inches)

Draw length: 80 cm / 31.52 inches
Bowstring Length of 30 LBS: 120cm (47.28 inches)
Bowstring Length of 35 LBS: 136cm (53.58 inches)
Bowstring Length of 40 LBS: 130cm (51.22 inches)
Bowstring Length of 45 LBS: 126cm (49.64 inches)
Bowstring Length of 50 LBS: 126cm (49.64 inches)
Bow tip Material: Acacia woo
Bow Limbs Material: Epoxy resin
Right or left-hand bow set recommended for youth archers from 12 years old and up
Handmade Traditional Longbow, great for horse riding archery practice, hunting game

Package Includes:
1 recurve bow with bowstring

More Information
Brand TopArchery
Color Black
Material Epoxy Resin
Shipping Time 5-15 business days
Free Shipping Yes
Dexterity Ambidextrous
Bow Length 130cm (51 inches)
Bow String Length 120cm - 136cm (47.28 - 53.58 inches)
Brace Height 14-18 cm / 5.52-7.09 inches
Draw Length 80 cm / 31.52 inches
Draw Weight 30/35/40/45/50 LBS
Bow Riser Length N/A
Condition New
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